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Newsletter #5

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Newsletter #5

Post by Kazuma on Sat Mar 07, 2009 8:03 pm

Sorry guys on the lack of announcement but as some of you know and went without internet for a while and if I did go on I was probably doing some research on a a bug project I have. Anyways over the course of the week, week and a half we have been through a lot of drama, changes, additions.. etc and I will go through the course incase you want to know what happened, what went down. I'm sorry if some off you get offended by this but we are a community and we all derserve to know but I want go into details. Razz


Lets start with the Zero incident. Anyways I had banned Zero for 2 days for being a loudmouth and starting little fights here and there. As the founder and an Admin and as any Admin would do seeing there community go into flames, I gave him a 2 day suspension. Of course you could live with a 2 day break from GA.... not Zero! He took it to the extreme (also because I stripped him of his Global Mod status) and went to voice his opinons of people he got in fighs with and who are active. He ranted... typed some racial slurs, proposed and dissed and cussed. Of course I took action and his suspension for his actions are 5000 days. So you won't be seeing Zero anytime soon.

Poems Poems Poems. I have already stated what happened and what you should do in another annoucement topic so I won't dwell on this.


Thanks to our wonderful X, he fixed our messed up Chatbox. Now you your text will appear and you can talk to people on the site. The chatbox is kind of like a public MSN messanger so if you want to talk to someone instead of doing it with topics and such , use the chatbox.


Congratulations to Chimes- and Chung Chin on their amazing poems and having to COURAGE to sumbit it. Clap*Clap*Clap*. Even though Chung Chin won in votes they both won my respect and that will help me later on in decisions and who has the guts to do etc.. let's not go into that. Anyways Congratz both of you and I hope you'll sumbit work for the next contest Razz

Thanks Guys For Reading The Newsletter. Hope You Guys Have A Great Weekend.

~~~GA Founder, Kazuma~~~~

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