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Rules for the Forum

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Rules for the Forum

Post by Kazuma on Thu Jan 22, 2009 2:21 pm

1. Don't ask to be Admins, Global Mods or Graphic Artist. You may send and application but only following the application guide lines. To become a Graphic Artist is someone who is willing to make banners, post art and is a talented sigger. I will make the application and you can send it to X or myself.

2. Do not Spam or Flame. Do not spam or flame. Spam is to say something of topic and flaming is just plain out spazzing. If you do every now and then you will get a infraction or a warning.

3. Keep swearing to minumium Don't swear every sentence please. We are a friendly forum and we act friendly so dont swear to much

No ****

5. Please don't be oversensitive because people with criticize. If you can't take criticism, you shouldn't be a artist

Don't Double/Triple etc Post In a Row
Don't double post. the first time will be just a reminder another time will be a warning. You can only double post if you adding something like a Poem, Another Page to a Story etc.. If you forgot to add another part to your comment. EDIT

Don't Ask For Money

8. Don't create multiple accounts! they will be banned
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