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Introduction Guidelines!

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Introduction Guidelines!

Post by XtremeX17 on Thu Jan 22, 2009 3:31 pm

Introduction Guidelines

I know this isn’t COMPLETELY needed...
But just so people know; it could help!

When Introducing Yourself…
Try to tell us about yourself; what kind of things do you like? Anime? Videogames? Roleplay? What are you especially good at doing? How did you come across Graphic Artist? You don’t need to have a super long introduction but it’s always nice to learn something about new members and your topic will most likely get more replies if you take some time to introduce yourself rather then just saying “I’m here.” You don’t NEED to follow these guidelines but they’re just here to help you out!

When Welcoming Members…
So a new member has joined Graphic Artist. It’s only right to welcome them to the forum. But rather then just saying “Welcome to the forum” why not be more friendly; and encourage them to make more posts when returning? If a new member were to say “I really like anime” maybe ask them what kind of anime they like; same with videogames, music, etc. Or if they even name things they like in their introduction- maybe point out that’s something you’ve got in common. It’s always good to ask questions about their interests because it keeps people posting. I don’t expect to see a simple “welcome.” In Introduction topics anymore; I know all of you are friendlier and more capable of that.

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